What makes Zignature® products so unique from other pet foods?
Zignature ®pet foods contain only the best natural ingredients available with no cheap fillers. Meat or Fish is the first ingredient and backed by Meat or Fish Meal as the second ingredient. This means they will receive the proteins needed to build a soft silky coat, healthy muscles and strong bones. We never put large amounts of simple carbohydrates as the first or second ingredient. Our limited ingredients blend of nutrients and antioxidants provide superior nutrition while sensitive to our four pawed family members with allergies.

How long is the transition period?
While it’s perfectly safe to stop feeding your dog’s food one day and introduce Zignature® the next day; a gradual introduction from your dog’s previous food is recommended. Especially if your dog has previously been fed a high grain, corn, wheat or soy diet for years. A gradual introduction, while continuing to feed some of your dog's previous diet makes it easier for your companion’s digestive system to acclimate and not cause stomach upsets. The full transition period should take no longer than 14 days.

Are Zignature® products manufactured in the U.S.?
Yes, all Zignature® products are manufactured in the United States.

Why is real meat backed by meat meal as the first two ingredients so important?
Zignature® foods starts with real meat first because dogs are carnivores and require animal protein. The first ingredient in any pet food is important because there is more of that ingredient than any other. Zignature® is backed up with meat meal as the second ingredient to insure that your carnivore gets the animal protein they crave and deserve. Unlike many well-known pet foods, we don’t use high starch carbohydrates as our first or second ingredient.

My dog is allergic to chicken; does Zignature® contain any chicken, chicken fat, chicken meals or chicken by-product?
Zignature® pet food contains no chicken, chicken fat, chicken meals or chicken by-products. What's more, we do not use chicken eggs to boost up the protein in any of our recipes. Problems your dog may have faced may simply disappear once on a steady chicken free diet. Very few pet food companies can claim that their product is free from the chicken egg to the chicken.

Why is it so important that there is no corn, grain, wheat or soy in Zignature® products?
Corn, wheat and soy have all been identified as potential allergens for some dogs.

Zignature® may be healthy
for my dog but how Palatable is it?

We’ve tested our formulas against the other dog food manufacturers. We’re so confident that if your dog won’t eat it, we’ll give you back your cash!!! Guaranteed!!

Does Zignature® pet food contain
artificial flavors, preservatives or colors?

No, we use only natural ingredients, fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Why is it so important there be no potatoes or potato starch in Zignature® products?
Potatoes have been identified as a high glycemic binder for dog food and may cause potential problems with diabetic dogs. A food’s glycemic index refers to how quickly a food is turn into glucose and released into the blood stream after being consumed. We use only low glycemic binders such as whole chickpeas and garden peas. For more details on the Glycemic index and how it relates to your pet, visit the Glycemic Research institute at www.gripetfoods.com

Does Zignature® offer any products for cats?
NOT YET: Our company produces Fussie Cat an ultra-value cat food line that is made in a human consumable manufacturing plant. Check us out at www.fussiecat.com

Why are Zignature® products great for pets with food sensitivities & allergies?
Because Zignature® is free of the most common allergens (corn, wheat, soy, dairy, chicken and eggs) to canines. Our limited-ingredient nutritionally complete meat diets are made with turkey & turkey meal, Lamb & Lamb Meal or Trout & Salmon meal as the first and second ingredients.

How will Zignature® affect my dogs stool?
No matter what food you were previously feeding you should notice a difference in your canine’s stool quality. Your canine’s stool will become firm and smaller in size by the third day.

What makes Zignature® a low Glycemic food?
Our foods are free from binding agents that are high in simple carbohydrates and starches that cause sharp spikes in blood glucose levels. Instead we use low glycemic ingredients, such as whole chickpeas & green peas to bind our food. Our diets are not intended to treat or address the diet needs of any particular medical condition. Please contact your vet for any information regarding your pet’s medical conditions.

Do you do any animal testing?
No! Pets Global does not do any invasive animal testing. Our company was founded on the basis of providing the best possible nutrition for dogs and cats, and we treat our pets like family members. We do conduct trials in which our products are fed to pets, but only under conditions that are healthy and comfortable for the animals.

Where is your food manufactured?
We create and develop our own recipes with our nutritionists. We make our products in small batches; quality is our #1 priority. Our all American partners are USDA-approved and are in USDA-inspected facilities. Our products are manufactured according to our recipes and specifications. We have strict controls in place to make sure that our ingredients meet the highest quality standards.

How long is the food good for once it is opened?
Zignature® should be stored indoors in a re-sealable container or in the Zignature® package rolled tightly to maintain airtight conditions after opening. Refrigeration is not required, keeping your canine’s food in a cool dark storage temperature of 40–70 degree is ideal. From the time your companion’s food is produced and packaged, there is 18 months until expires. Heat, moisture and light have the biggest impact on shelf life. Due to Zignature®’s high meat content; once opened Zignature® should be used in 90 days.

What is AAFCO and is Zignature® AAFCO approved?
AAFCO stands for Association of American Feed Control Officials. Zignature® is a nutritionally complete product that can be fed to a dog as its sole ration without adding any other substance… except water. Zignature® is formulated to meet all the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. For more information visit www.aafco.org

Do you offer a breeder's program?
Coming soon: Please contact us for more info.

Where can I get a sample of Zignature®?
We have 4oz samples available for your canine to try. Just visit one of our retail partners. They’ll have trials size samples available for you. If you don’t see it, just ask. If there are no dealers in your area, visit our website and we’ll be glad send you a sample. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that comes with purchase of any Zignature® product. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you can return the unused portion with your receipt to get a full refund.

Are Zignature® products available online?
Yes, we are available at many online pet specialty retailers, such as Petfooddirect.com, Wags.com and many others. Please click here for a complete list of our online retail partners