• Luz Elva Mares says:

    My Pit has severe skin allergies to the point were he gets ear infections. He’s taking cytapont shots every month and eats Royal Canin Hydrolyzed protein food which is by prescription only and very pricey and I would care to spend that money but it has come to a point we’re he doesn’t seem interested in eating it. I started to introduce him to cooked chicken but broke out into his allergies. What flavor did you buy him?

    • Paula says:

      Whitefish is great for allergies. Chicken is one of the most allergic meats.

    • Ruben Cruz says:

      He’s obviously allergic to chicken. I would try any of the fish varieties first. I would also add supplements in the form of probiotics and enzymes. Once he starts clearing up try and incorporate some raw or cooked meats like pork turkey goat lamb. Hope this help.

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