• Snoopy says:

    My boxer is having the same problem with birds too, I’m hoping that the lamb will help.. Because its gotten out of hand.

  • Patty says:

    I have 2 English Bulldogs too and one is super allergic to everything. I had her on Earthborn Meadow Feast but her ear infections continued. I am hoping the Pork Zignature will help. Did your dogs have ear infections? Did Zignature help?


    • Angela says:

      We have an English bulldog as well. His food allergies start with ear infections really bad and move onto foot yeast infection and under the belly rashes that start to smell really bad. We have taken him to a dermatologist and have home cooked his food. Some info we found out is it’s usually a protein issue. If your pup is allergic to chicken (ours is highly allergic, cannot even have chicken or turkey fat) our dermatologist said chicken and pork are to similar. Well he can’t have any proteins we have sound he has a home cooked vegetarian diet. But recently our vet said to try something so out of the ordinary like crocodile or kangaroo food, I would suggest trying that if the pork doesn’t work. But look for one without fats from other animals. This brand seems to be very pure we are going to give it a shot

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